Using an Integrated Approach to Healthcare

Friday, March 20, 2015

An integrated approach to healthcare is implemented for the best interest of the patient: especially patients with a chronic condition. A multidisciplinary approach to healthcare is the best method for delivering quality care for a multitude of health concerns. At Arizona Priority Care, we encourage our patients to talk with their primary care physician before seeking care or treatment outside of the office. This way, if the patient needs any medical information, their PCP can easily communicate with any other healthcare provider.

With over 100 physicians in our network, Arizona Priority Care is the leading primary care group in the southwest United States. We strive to provider better care with the most skilled and compassionate team approach. All of our providers have a referral network in which they send patients to if additional care is needed.

A multidisciplinary team incorporates physicians and other healthcare providers from different medical areas who come together for one purpose: the patient. If a patient has a chronic illness, for instance, and speaks with their pain doctor about a mental health issue, their pain doctor can report these symptoms to the PCP. The primary care doctor should normally be the main point of contact so that they can collect any and all medical information for medical records. This team approach to care involves better coordination and communication among an industry that constantly has patients in and out of the offices.

Patients are not the only ones who benefit from this process. Physicians have the opportunity to enhance their professional skills and knowledge of other medical disciplines. Having a multidisciplinary team expands a physician’s professional network, helping with referral programs. Patients are more satisfied with their care in a community support system and are likely to stick with their doctors for the long haul.

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