No one wants to go to the emergency room; yet more than 100 million visits are made to the ER each year. While most visits are truly emergencies, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the top reasons people go to the ER is for abdominal pain, fever, headache, back pain, and chest pain. Some of these symptoms could indicate a more serious condition, such as a heart attack, but many visits can either be waited out or taken care of at an urgent care center.

At Arizona Priority Care, we want to give patients the same quality care all year round. Our Health Care Centers are advanced facilities designed for our patients. With locations in Gilbert and Central Phoenix, Arizona Priority Care provides patients with access to these Centers for non-emergency health concerns.

When your Arizona Priority Care physician is unavailable, patients can come to any of our Health Care Centers to receive treatment for non-life threatening health concerns including infections, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, minor injuries, and dehydration. These are walk in clinics so there is never a need for an appointment. However, you are encouraged to call ahead to see what the wait time is like at the respective Center.

Each of our Urgent Care Centers are comfortable and safe. The inviting atmosphere has comfortable seating, light snacks, drinks, and TV’s for our patient’s leisure. It is best that patients speak to their primary care physician about when they should seek urgent care treatment or take their problem to the hospital. However, when you seek medical attention from our Care Center, a physician can recommend the best course of action.

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