The United States spend an upwards of 1.4 trillion dollars on healthcare each year. About 75 percent of that spending is devoted to treating people with chronic illnesses. With booming technology and advances to innovative treatments, the cost of healthcare should be significantly lowered. But, it is not.

At Arizona Priority Care, our physicians are dedicated to giving people the right treatment to keep them healthy and away from the doctor’s office. Our referral coordination process allows us to easily refer patients to other healthcare providers across the state, for a more holistic approach to medical treatment.

The most innovative technology in the last decade has definitely been the smartphone and tablet. These advanced hand accessories can do anything from give you directions to make phone calls, all at the convenience of your fingertips. Many companies have found that their services can be accessed through smartphone technology and have created applications that users can easily download. Wireless technology has the power to customize healthcare applications, just like any other service.

By providing patients with round-the-clock information and treatment, remote monitoring could be the key to improving Americans’ health and lowering healthcare costs. Healthcare apps could be programmed to provide services such as:

- Remind a patient of an upcoming doctor’s appointment

- Remind a patient to take his or her medication

- Offer a “Tip of the day” pertaining to their specific condition

- Give advice on how to best manage a patient’s condition based on weather, home supplies, and other information

- Give patients an outlet to talk to their physician if in a remote/rural area

The possibilities of wireless healthcare are seemingly endless. At Arizona Priority Care, we provide safe and effective means of delivering medical treatment that gives patients easy access to our care. For more information on the potential of wireless healthcare, check out this article about one company who has created a remote monitoring project in northern Arizona:

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