Based on the most recent report from the Commonwealth Fund survey (link is external), the United States is the low man on the totem pole for the fifth time in a decade. The report surveyed 11 nations (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Britain, and the United States) and measured the efficacy, equity, and outcomes of their overall health systems.

Though the report was compiled before the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the survey clearly outlined which areas of healthcare the United States needs to improve on. Arizona Priority Care is Arizona’s leading primary care physician group in the southwest United States. This survey, along with the incessant push for better care, allows our physicians to target the needs of not only our patients but our health system too.

It is with Obamacare and other recent health reforms that our nation plans to increase health technology to provide better care in upcoming years. As one of the wealthiest nations, it is unimaginable that our healthcare systems are so terribly flawed.

Universal healthcare sets other countries apart from the United States’ healthcare system. Universal healthcare ensures that every person is able to access care through better connections between physicians’ practices and patients. Obamacare looks to address the lack of universal healthcare in our country by increasing the number of Americans with health insurance. Obamacare will also encourage a more organized and efficient delivery of care, thus preventing unanswered health concerns.

Physicians in the United States face numerous difficulties with the current healthcare system including the inability to receive timely information, efficiently coordinate patient care, and constant administrative hassles. By implementing modern health information systems to all medical practices is planned to ensure that every American can have access to some level of medical care.

At Arizona Priority Care, we are determined to accelerate the modernization of health information technology. With our state-of-the-art Care Centers, partnership with Walgreens, and outstanding relationships with valley wide physicians, Arizona Priority Care will lead the US to a better healthcare system.

To read the full article, “Health Survey Ranks U.S. Las Among Rich Peers,” click the link provided.

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