The Veterans Affairs Department scandal is no secret anymore, with hundreds of hidden patient records finally exposed. With this in mind, many began to wonder what a normal caseload for the average physician should look like or rather, looks like. Based on the ongoing efforts to better healthcare systems in the United States, primary care physicians are often bombarded by an abundant daily schedule, seeing plentiful patients each day.

At Arizona Priority Care, our network of Arizona community physicians provides the best care for a multitude of health problems to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions. It is through our ongoing relationships and coordinated care that Arizona Priority Care is able to offer patients the best care and advise to improve their health for the rest of their life.

To ensure that every patient receives the same quality care in an adequate appointment time, Arizona Priority Care physicians take on a safe caseload each day. In 2012, an article in the Annals of Family Medicine (link is external) reported that the average PCP has an average of 2,300 patients under his or her care. Based on a roster of 2,500 patients, experts figured that a PCP would have to append an average of 21.7 hours each day to provide adequate care for acute, chronic, and preventative problems.

In a different survey, the American Academy of Family Physicians reported that the average PCP has 93.2 patient appointments each week whether it be in the office, hospital, nursing home, a house call, or an ‘e-visit.’ This adds up to be about 19 patients per day, 341. Hours in direct patient contact each week, and about 22 minutes per appointment.

These numbers are no doubt astonishing, and researchers published an article in “Family Practice Management” that suggested what an average PCP’s caseload should look like. Based on a number of studies, patients see a PCP an average of 3.1 times a year. A physician should see an average of 20 patients each day with 1,400 patients on his or her roster.

Arizona Priority Care is affiliated with hundreds of family doctors not only in the Phoenix-metro area, but the entire state! Our PCPs ensure that every patient has adequate time to address any and all medical concerns. If a concern is not immediately addressed, a future appointment will be scheduled. To learn more about Arizona Priority Care and to speak with any of our doctors, contact any of our offices!

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