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Friday, March 20, 2015

At Arizona Priority Care, our priority is your healthcare. With the Affordable Care Act in effect, it may be harder than ever to get an appointment with your primary care physician. Because of this significant increase in patient traffic, Arizona Priority Care provides quality care to anyone who cannot schedule an appointment with his or her PCP at our convenient Gilbert Urgent Care Center.

As an added bonus, our Gilbert Urgent Care Center offers care for senior citizens through a specially designed program called the Senior Advantage Club. If a patient has a PCP with Arizona Priority Care, they are automatically part of the program. The goal is to help keep aging Arizonans active and healthy.

The Senior Advantage Club was created with the idea of offering concentrated care to the common needs of the senior demographic in our communities. One of our programs that we offer is soft and gentle tai chi. There are currently two available classes each week, Wednesday from 9:30am to 10:30 am at our Gilbert Urgent Care Center, and on Mondays from 1pm to 2pm at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Casa Grande. During this hour of holistic therapy, instructor Kim Kubsch teaches participants how to relax their mind, body, and spirit. Tai Chi can vastly relieve stress, improve balance and flexibility, and even improve circulation.

Another great program that seniors can take advantage of is lessons from Risa Robinson. Risa is Arizona Priority Care’s “techie,” providing instructions to patients on how to operate their electronic devices including smart phones, Kindles, and laptops. Much of patients’ medical information is digital, opening up a world that seniors are not greatly familiar with. Risa dedicates ample time teaching operations one-on-one and writing up instructions for patients to take home.

Our Senior Advantage Club exists to provide specialized care that seniors could not receive during a regular doctor’s appointment. Arizona Priority Care and our executive staff take an active role in our Arizona communities, attending community forums and Medicare meetings to improve our overall services and care.

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