In February 2014, The Wall Street Journal published an article, “What Is the Biggest mistake Patients Make When Picking a Primary-Care Doctor?” Posing the questions to doctors themselves, the article uncovers the very things that patients should consider when choosing a trusted PCP.

At Arizona Priority Care, our providers ensure that every aspect of his or her facility is kept above the standards or what patients expect. With over 100 providers in our network, Arizona Priority Care is the leading primary care physician network in the entire southwest United States.

1. Why your doctor must be easy to get to

Patients must keep in mind that their PCP will be their “go to” doctor, making convenience especially important. Arizona Priority Care has over 100 providers in our network and a convenient Urgent Care Center in Gilbert for emergencies that cannot be addressed during normal PCP hours.

2. Your doctor must trust and respect you

Leah Binder, president and chief executive office of Leapfrog Group reminds patients that “no medical or nursing degree can substitute for what you know about your own life or that of your child.”

3. How to pick a PCP

Dr. Peter Pronovost, anesthesiologist, critical-care physician, professor, and Johns Hopkins Medicine senior vice president describes the qualities that the best primary care physicians should have, which include:

  • A good listener to patients concerns, makes eye contact, cares about patients’ personal stories
  • Discusses plans of action and of the future
  • Avoids unfamiliar medical jargon
  • Connected and competent

4. You like your doctor? That isn’t enough

Liking your PCP isn’t enough, according to Dr. David Blumenthal, president and CEO of the Commonwealth Fund. Dr. Blumenthal says that one of the biggest mistakes that people make is not taking “into account the organization and reliability of the practice. Instead, patients focus on primarily if they like the PCP or not, which is not enough. At Arizona Priority Care, we understand that patients will sometimes have conflicting schedules with their appointments, may need a referral, or see one of our other associated physicians. We are prepared to meet the needs and requests of all of our patients, while ensuring that our patients like all of our staff, too!

The article continues posing questions to physicians and medical staff across the country, including:

  1. Trusting your gut
  2. Picking a team, not just a doctor
  3. Not to solely rely on public information
  4. A PCP who coordinates care

At Arizona Priority Care, we address all of our patients’ requests, and try to meet every expectation. If you wish to speak with any of our Arizona Priority Care affiliates, please contact a representative today!

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The advice and information contained in this article is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to replace or counter a physician’s advice or judgment. Please always consult your physician before taking any advice learned here or in any other educational medical material.

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