According to 5,000 patients reviewed in a 2013 Software Advice survey, 90 percent attested to aggravating feelings because of doctors’ office delays. The average wait time for a patient before seeing a doctor is about 20 minutes, while some patients can wait up to 45 minutes before they come face to face with their physician. At Arizona Priority Care medical offices, we are committed to keeping our patients happy in the midst of illness, which includes staying true to appointment times as best we can.

Nothing in this world is perfect, and doctors’ offices understand that patients run into traffic or unexpected delays before coming in for their appointment. At Arizona Priority Care, we aim to provide a seamless experience from the first point of contact through the end of your appointment.

Our partnering Arizona physicians are highly recommended and are able to coordinate care, no matter the ailment. If you are looking for a specialized physician in your Arizona neighborhood, use our Provider Finder to find the best match. Physicians are added on a regular basis. You will find that our newly renovated website was created to make it easy for patients and providers to find clinic information and trending news in healthcare.

At Arizona Priority Care, our priority is your healthcare. Please visit our physician finder to locate an Arizona Priority Care physician in your community that can be your resource for any of your healthcare needs.

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