From the moment a baby enters this world all the way into adulthood, a number of physicians will be responsible for their medical care. We know that pediatricians specialize in infant and childcare and that a primary care physician (PCP) usually cares for teen and adult healthcare. Our healthcare needs change as we age, and we will continue to have unique needs that should be met by a specialized physician into our elder years.

Yet despite the widely accepted understanding that elderly people have unique health needs and challenges, seniors continue to be cared for by physicians without specialized expertise in geriatric care. Geriatricians are physicians who specialize in senior care, and who should be the first point of contact for senior citizens who need immediate care.

At Arizona Priority Care, we ensure that our patients see the right physician at the right time. We partner with hundreds of Arizona physicians to coordinate the highest quality of care. The growing need for specialized geriatric care is a national concern, and Arizona Priority Care is prepared for meeting the needs of these patients.

The US Census Bureau predicts that by 2040, 20 percent of the adult American population will be over the age of 65 (approximately 81 million people). Former CEO of AETNA, Jack Rowe, says, “Geriatricians, or physicians with specialized expertise in the care of the elderly, should play a prominent role in America’s health care system and that never has this shift been as necessary as it is right now.

In 2009 alone, Medicare spent over 7 billion dollars on emergency room care. A 2013 study from the Mathematica Policy Research Institute foresees increased geriatric care saving Medicare roughly 800 million dollars a year on emergency department care alone.

At Arizona Priority Care, one of our goals is to reduce the number of hospital admissions and readmissions each year. By providing exceptional care and care centers with specialized treatment programs, we successfully guide patients to better health.

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