A body mass index (BMI) indicates how much body fat a person carries. A special screening exam to determine a person’s BMI and to check for weight concerns is utilized that generates a number. A BMI does not provide a full report of a person’s health, though it is important to know your score and any possible health concerns.

Your BMI can be calculated using this equation:

  1. Weight (in pounds)
  2. Divided by height (in inches) squared
  3. Multiplied by 703

For example, a woman who is 165 pounds and 5 ft, 3 inches (63 inches) tall has a BMI of 29.2. You can visit www.cdc.gov/bmi and use the official BMI calculator provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A BMI is intended to give people an idea of their risks of obesity-related problems—not diagnose a health condition. Talk to your physician today if you are concerned about your BMI. The professionals within the Arizona Priority Care network are happy to connect you to the right doctor for any of your healthcare concerns.

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