Eligibility, Enrollment and Effective Date

It is important to verify member eligibility before providing services. Patient must be eligible Arizona Priority Care members at the time of service in order for services to be covered.

Individual enrollment for participation in health plan programs is determined by the specific health plan.

Patients inquiring if they are eligible to enroll in or participate in specific programs should be referred to the health plan and not Arizona Priority Care.

Arizona Priority Care will assist with the transfer of calls to contracted health plans if you are unable to contact them directly.

Arizona Priority Care obtains its eligibility data from the contracted health plan. The most current eligibility data can be obtained by contacting the health plan directly.

Effective Date:

The contracted health plan maintains responsibility for notifying the patient in writing of his/her effective date of coverage. This is not a responsibility that is delegated to Arizona Priority Care.

You can verify eligibility by:

  1. Accessing Health Net's Website:
  2. Calling Health Net's Customer Service Line: 800-289-2818

Note: The health plan website will always have the most current member eligibility information available.