Message from Dr. Richard Merkin, HPN President and CEO

Dr. Richard Merkin
Dr. Richard Merkin, Founder

Heritage Provider Network (HPN) has a tradition of caring for our patients and communities. We must demonstrate consistently that we have a commitment to act with absolute integrity. Unwritten, but certainly understood in our mission statement, is our continual pledge to comply with all federal, state and local regulations.

In further demonstration of our commitment, HPN has published a Compliance Plan, which reflects our tradition of caring and provides guidance to ensure that our business is done in an ethical and legal manner. Your adherence to its spirit, as well as its specific provisions, is absolutely critical to our future. We have a rich heritage of integrity and ethics, which are reflected in our Mission, Vision and Values as well as in our Compliance Plan. No Compliance Plan can substitute for our own internal sense of fairness, honesty, and integrity. Let us commit to demonstrating the highest degree of integrity in everything we do.


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To report any compliance issue please contact:

Kelly Karaniuk
Quality, Credentialing and Compliance Director
480-499-8700, Ext. 8152
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