Arizona Priority Care is a network of community physicians, both primary care physicians and specialists. We partner with these physicians to deliver the highest quality coordinated patient care for those patients covered by the health plans with which we contract.  We support our partner physicians with a variety of programs to allow them to focus on patient care.  These programs include Star Rewards, HCC University, and at home urgent care services.

Arizona Priority Care strives to guide patients through the healthcare system in a caring and coordinated manner. We are here for our patients, handling referrals, claims and case management in a seamless, efficient manner. We want to make certain that you receive the healthcare you expect and deserve.


The mission at Arizona Priority Care is to facilitate quality care and provide service through our network of partner physicians, our clinical innovations, and our operational excellence.


To be recognized as the network of choice to members, providers and health plan partners and to be an employer of choice in our community.


Service Excellence

A Legacy of Caring, a Future of Possibilities

Arizona Priority Care is an affiliated office of Heritage Provider Network (HPN). HPN was established in 1979 when founder Dr. Richard Merkin was asked by a local health plan to create a medical group in an underserved area. As HPN implemented its comprehensive approach to care management, the group thrived beyond expectations. HPN’s success caught the attention of other health plans, who, over the years, requested that HPN duplicate this success in new geographic locations. Arizona is the most recent addition to the HPN family of health care.

The Primary Care Physician (PCP) you have chosen is a participating physician with the Arizona Priority Care network of physicians, who work together to help provide you with quality, coordinated and affordable healthcare. This means that when a referral to a specialist is required, your PCP will work together with Arizona Priority Care to facilitate the services needed for you. We are here to help you and your PCP to ensure that you receive the best care possible.

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